Dee Miller

So, you’re working on your own or with a small group of people and you’re looking for a coworking space or a shared office to call home. (Well, actually, to call ‘work’.) With the jumble of business centres, managed offices, work hubs, coworking spaces and start-up accelerators in most cities, […]

Looking for a Workspace? Ask Yourself This First.

If you work independently, then you get to choose your workplace. If you’ve spent time doing the work-from-home thing, you may have discovered that your house is not the Palace of Productivity you had hoped. For many of us, home is full of distractions: chores, pets, children, hobbies…. It can […]

Seven Reasons to Join a Coworking Space

Did you know that sending employees to coworking spaces is a trend? Part of what I do as the owner of a local, independent coworking space is think about how coworking functions, who might benefit from it, and how members benefit from working together. So from the beginning, I’ve asked, “Can […]

I Was Wrong About Local Employees at Coworking Spaces

Coworking has existed in its present form for more than ten years, and big commercial property companies have heard of it. They think it sounds like a great idea, not because it brings together independent workers into diverse and vibrant communities, but because superficially, it looks like a high profit model […]

What makes it a Coworking Space?

The Benefits of Coworking (Especially Hotdesking) If you’re working from home and wondering how coworking can benefit you, then this will explain. I promise to do an animated version of this with voice-over soon! This is illustrated with photos of MinorOak Coworking in Nottingham, England.    Picture this. I’ve just […]

Of course you already have a home office

Next Pop-Up: 7 April 2018. Tickets available in advance: Let’s talk about Tom Higgins, better known as Juga-naut. He’s a Nottingham rapper and chef, and he’s been all over the local media for the last few years for both his cuisine and his music. But this post is all about Chef Jugz’ food, […]

Chef Jugz: the Finest Fusion

Hi! It looks like you want to use MinorOak’s meeting room and/or flexible use area for free or below cost. I wrote this blog post specifically so I could send you the link to it. Read on… Members Use MinorOak for Free Are you a member? If so, you’re on! The meeting […]

So You Don’t Want to Pay for Event Hosting

John O’Donnell is coming to MinorOak with advice on business finance for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other self-employed people. It’s happening: Monday, February 13th, 9:00am to 12:00pm. at MinorOak Coworking John will be offering a free clinic, accessible to members and people with day passes (£15) and half day passes (£8). John is Business Finance Manager […]

Business Finance Clinic with John O’Donnell

Enjoy a glittering evening surrounded by light night treats as Minor Oak in Sneinton Market is transformed into a magical nightclub with a twist: Club Nuit Blanche. Enjoy elegant cocktails and fancy hors d’oeuvres – even an absinthe ritual – whilst being entertained by an array of sparkling performances and music from funky and […]

Light Night Boom Boom Cabaret at Club Nuit Blanche

On Thursday, Minor Oak Coworking’s rates finally went live: they’re under the “About” tab above. To the people who have already made inquires about workshop space, events, mail boxes and memberships, I apologise for giving vague estimates and saying I wasn’t sure yet; I’ve been especially wishy-washy about non-member services. […]

MinorOak Coworking Rates Published

The lease has been signed, witnessed and submitted. Minor Oak is real. The Grand Opening is set for September 1. We’ve got a unit in Sneinton Market, Nottingham: 4 Gedling Street, 2-12 Avenue A (Unit 6) Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DS Nottingham’s Sneinton Market Sneinton Market, just east of Nottingham’s city […]

Lease Signed! A fantastic space in an ideal location.