Here’s how coworking at MinorOak WORKS.

MinorOak’s style of coworking is based on hotdesks, spaces with varying levels of privacy and interaction, and a dynamic community that brings together long term members and short term / intermittent day pass holders. It can be a friendly get-together and a retreat from distractions — both on the same day.

MinorOak provides spaces for private phone and video calls and both collaborative and quiet work areas, as well as a meeting room for eight that’s free for members and day pass holders.

All memberships are month-to-month. There are no long term contracts. We know that independent workers’ needs can change quickly. To take a hiatus, all you have to do it cancel your standing order and e-mail us.

A Dynamic Community of Coworkers

If you’ve read articles about coworking, then you’ve heard, ‘it’s all about the community’. That’s true, but it’s not just about a group of friends deciding to work together or a group of former work-from-homers sharing an office.

It’s the combination of regulars, familiar faces and new people to meet, and the opportunities for interaction — and privacy — provided by the space.

It’s good to see friendly faces, people who know you and your business and are supportive, encouraging and engaged with your progress. But you may also see new people: day pass holders, visitors and guests, all with different skills and experiences to share.

MinorOak’s collaborative workspace is outward-facing. It’s a ground floor space that fronts directly onto Gedling Street. This helps create a flow of people and keeps the community lively and open to newcomers. The quiet workspace is up on the mezzanine, calm and serene. It’s a place for total concentration, where you can get into the flow and get lots done.

Spaces Designed to Serve Your Needs

The MinorOak community is dynamic, but the space is designed to provide quiet and private spaces. It’s a place to collaborate AND concentrate.

For private group work: the meeting room / decision room is designed to facilitate creative problem-solving. It seats eight and is equipped with a 52-inch presentation monitor, a large whiteboard, a flipchart easel, and tools for note-taking and sketching.


For open group work: the round table in the collaborative work area can seat one to four.

For collaborative personal work: the collaborative work area has 12 desks in a brightly lit space that opens out onto Gedling Street. People work, ask each other for input, trade editing tasks, etc. – it’s a chatty, friendly space that allows people to be productive, too.

For quiet individual work: the quiet work area on the mezzanine seats up to 12 in a peaceful, cozy and beautiful space lit by skylights and equipped with desks, office chairs, office supplies and a wireless printer/scanner/copier that’s compatible with all the major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux) and free to use.

For private phone calls, video calls and laptop-based video recording: the Green Room and White Room are each equipped with two light sources, a desk, a chair, a laptop stand, and acoustic draping. They can be used for private phone calls, and they’ve also been designed to help you capture high-quality talking head video with your laptop.

The Tools You Need to be Productive

Bring your laptop and phone; everything else you need is already here.

  • loaner monitors, keyboards, and mice
  • tablet / laptop stands
  • a colour A3 printer
  • a laserwriter/copier/scanner
  • locally roasted coffee, tea, snacks, a fridge, and a microwave
  • mail lockers and a coat rack
  • a cable library
  • office supplies

Try MinorOak for a month with no obligation! Fill out the membership inquiry form (Second from the bottom under the Coworking menu) to get the ball rolling.