MinorOak Coworking Survey – Preliminary Results

For the past few months, Minor Oak’s website has featured a survey for potential Nottingham Coworkers. There have been 22 responses so far. You can still take the survey. It’s at:

Preliminary survey results:

  • The first question asked respondents to rank coworking facilities and benefits by importance. Out of a list of 33, the top four were:
  1. Quiet areas – 1.9
  2. Hot desks (shared desks used on an as-needed basis) – 1.94
  3. A meeting room – 2.14
  4. A kitchenette – 2.14
  • Near the bottom of the list were exercise equipment, fun stuff (like a pingpong table or video game system) and a shower.
  • 86% of respondents planned to spend 1-3 days a week at the space, with 50% preferring one day/week.
  • When asked what they were looking for in a coworking space, they responded:
    1. A place to work where I’ll have co-workers and a sense of community: 64%
    2. A place where I’ll be able to network and make connections that could lead somewhere, business-wise: 59%
    3. A place where I can get advice and support from people who are also working independently: 50%
    4. A quiet place to work away from the distractions of home: 45%
    5. A place to have business meetings: 36%
    6. An address for my business other than my home: 32%
    7. A desk that belongs to me: 14%
  • Most respondents identified as “An entrepreneur – someone who is growing a business” (60%) or as a “freelancer or independent professional – someone who does work for clients” (55%).
  • Most respondents expressed a preference for a city centre locations.