Late Invoice Support Page

A client hasn’t paid, and you’re somewhere between mild annoyance and panic, wondering what your next move should be.

We’ve all been there. This page is for mutual support and advice on getting those clients to pay up! Scroll to the bottom to tell your stories and share resources.

UK Government Advice on Getting Paid

First, here’s what the UK government has to say about your right to get paid and about what you can do about late paying clients.

Good Articles on What to Do When Clients Aren’t Paying

Here are some articles that might help:

Musical Motivation for Chasing Payments

Here’s some musical motivation before you send that e-mail or make that phone call.

First, a classic Motown song.

For those who love big beards and tiny shorts….

And finally, for those extra-frustrating clients:

Feel free to add your advice, encouragement, commiseration, humour and yowls of despair in the comments.

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