Membership Form

This form is the first step in joining MinorOak. You don’t need to submit payment right away. Submitting this form sends an e-mail to Dee. She will e-mail or call you within one working day.

If you’d just like a tour, hold off on filling this out and instead, set up a time here or get in touch through the contact form.

Payment for membership is by standing order or direct debit.

Membership Inquiry
Printing, refreshments, wifi, meeting room use, etc. included. Membership is month-to-month.
Storage and mail options listed here are for members only
Basic (16 hour/month) memberships are by direct debit only.
There's not a lot of photography, etc. going on at MinorOak, but sometimes it's nice to post pictures with people in them. GDPR pretty much requires written consent for the use of personal images. Check the box if you waive the right to written consent. We'll still ask verbally before using an image if you're recognisable in it. If you decide later you'd like us to remove a photo/video that includes you, we'll do so.