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MinorOak Coworking is in a great location. Sneinton Market is picking up steam, and Hockley is just across the street with all its exciting restaurants, pubs and venues. We’re central enough to be walking distance from everything, but slightly to the east of the city centre where traffic is manageable, the streets are easier to navigate, and parking is affordable.

Reaching MinorOak Coworking By Car

Reaching MinorOak by car is easy, but it does take a little background knowledge. We’re tucked away in Sneinton Market, with doors on both Gedling Street and Avenue A.

Nelson Street is the way to get into the area where MinorOak is located, and it looks almost like a laneway. You can make a left or right turn onto it from Southwell Road (A612). Southwell Road is easily accessible from the A60, Huntingdon Street.

It’s a little tricky the first time you come here, but it’s simple once you know how.

There’s a network of small streets behind Sneinton Market, and most of them are lined with parking spots. There’s also Murat Food Centre, GB Cafe, Avenues Cafe, a Subway sandwich shop and One BC, a fantastic clothing shop and fashion design house. More and more creative businesses are moving in, and by next summer, I think the neighbourhood and the market are going to be full of energy and excitement.


Once you’re on Nelson Street, you’ve got a few parking options. You may find all the information you need on Parkopedia, but here are my top tips.

Day Parking Summary:

  • Nelson Street spots: £3 until 6:00pm weekdays (but the tickets will only show three hours). You have to pay in coin, and make sure the ticket is fully visible. These guys love to ticket people.
  • Arena Car Park: £6/12 hours, and cheaper than street parking for less than 12 hours. Convenient and trustworthy.
  • Marco Island: £3.50/day
  • Sneinton Market Square: free first hour, £6 for up to 24 hours
  • Cowan Street Car Park: £4 all day. Bring old fashioned pound coins. That’s all the machine will take.
  • Street Parking (plentiful): £1/hour

Parking for Virtual Office Clients

If you’re stopping by MinorOak Coworking to pick up your mail, message or e-mail me to let me know you’re coming and you can just leave the car out front; I’ll have your mail ready for you. There’s an area in front of MinorOak where cars can easily pull in for a minute or two without blocking traffic.

Parking for a Few Hours

There’s street parking across Gedling Street from MinorOak and around the corner on Brook Street. It’s £1/hour. Parking in the Arena Car Park, which is also on Brook Street, is a similar rate for less than half a day. Drive a little further down Brook Street, and you’ll find the Marco Island parking structure. That’s cheaper, for example, it’s £2.10 for three hours. The Sneinton Market Car Park, which is in the neighbourhood east of the market, is also very reasonably priced; it’s free the first hour. There’s free parking in some of the surrounding neighbourhoods, too.

Parking All Day

Nelson Street is the cheapest place to park all day: £3.00 from early until 6:00pm. The parking stubs are weird; they only show three hours when they should show all day. Never leave your car after 6pm and make sure the parking stub is easily visible. This is a dodgy private operation and these guys love to ticket. Because of this, most people are scared to park on Nelson Street and there are often spots available. I’ve never gotten a ticket while parked there before 6pm on a weekday, but one of our market sellers got ticketed on a Saturday when she thought she was covered for all day.

Marco Island is cheap and I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble with it: £3.50 a day. The Cowen Street Car Park is third cheapest at £4/day. Bring old fashioned pound coins; their machine hasn’t been updated. The Arena Car Park is £6.00 for 12 hours and it’s just around the corner, so if you prefer a surface lot and are planning a long day in the city centre, it’s not bad price-wise and it’s very convenient. Also, you can pay with a card.

Parking Regularly Throughout the Month

The two best choices for everyday parking near Sneinton Market are the Marco Island structure or a City Council on-street season card, which is as little as £50 a month.

Don’t let MinorOak’s central location deter you – parking’s reasonably priced and close by, and MinorOak is easy to get to by using public transport, too! I’ll post about public transport soon, as it’s the best way to access MinorOak for many… Nottinghamers? Nottinghamonians? Notters? Eh.


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