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Dee here: owner of MinorOak Coworking. Many of you know that I maintain a list of free and low cost Nottingham business events. Nottingham has so many exciting, affordable options for networking and learning business skills!

I’ve been wanting to host a regular event at MinorOak for a long time and have been wracking my brain thinking, “what kind of useful event can I host? What isn’t already out there?”

Here’s my idea: I want to connect Nottingham businesses and Nottingham freelancers. My first step is to find out what skills are available from local freelancers and what local businesses are looking for. I’m also wondering what types of work arrangements people prefer and what kind of event they’d like to attend. Whether you’re a freelancer, a local business or both, I would greatly value your input!

Click on the Pic for the Business Survey:

Click on the Pic for the Freelancers’ Survey:

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