Pop-Up Restaurants

MinorOak Coworking occasionally hosts pop-up restaurants. We’ve worked with Chef Jugz (Tom Higgins, otherwise known as Juggernaut, Nottingham rapper), Chef Tony Wilson of Dumplin’ Shack, Chef Monica Whyte of Monica’s Caribbean Kitchen, and Swap Meat’s Chef Joel Lambert. You can use MinorOak’s ground floor for your pop-up restaurant on a Saturday evening, with set-up starting at 5:00pm at the latest.

The deal? It’s a partnership. You provide food and MinorOak provides drinks.

If you agree to the food/drinks split, then you pay a non-refundable booking fee of £50, you do not pay an hourly rate for the space, and cleaning and set-up fees are waived. Dee will take out a TEN – Temporary Events Notice – and sell drinks out of the meeting room. Please note that you cannot provide any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks yourself, and no drinks can be brought in from outside MinorOak by the guests. Dee always provides tap water free of charge and can consult with you on the drinks menu.

If you wish to be in charge of the drinks service, then you must pay the £50 non-refundable booking fee, the ground floor usage rate of £30/hour, and a £50 set-up and cleaning fee. A member of MinorOak staff will be present for the pop-up and can assist with drinks, act as host, or control the music and/or projection screen.

You must hold a food hygiene certificate, and most of your cooking will need to take place off-site. MinorOak has a large fridge/freezer, a small oven, a small microwave and place settings/cutlery for 42, as well as other place setting odds and ends and 12 menu holders. We can also provide vinyl or paper tablecloths. You will be in charge of reservations and marketing.

Dee can make a poster and will provide social media marketing support if you wish. You are strongly encouraged to take orders and payments in advance. If reservations 15+ people are not confirmed a week before the pop-up, it will be canceled with the booking fee retained by MinorOak.

If you’d like to host a pop-up restaurant at MinorOak, please get in touch with Dee through the contact form linked above or enter your contact info into the pop-up window. Because a single location is only allowed 12 TENs per year, we can only do one pop-up a month. Reserve your date ASAP.

A Prezi Explaining the Deal

Photos and Menus from Past Pop-Up Restaurants: