An Industry-Inclusive, Creative Space: Hotdesk-Based Coworking.

Working from home means you’re too close to distractions like the laundry and the cat, and too far away from people and resources that can support your growth. MinorOak Coworking allows you to use an inexpensive, city centre space as and when you need it, with great facilities and the chance to meet and work with new people. It’s Nottingham’s resource for flexible work.

MinorOak Nottingham Coworking is a creative, flexible workspace for entrepreneurs and independent workers in every industry and every role. The magic happens when people with different backgrounds, different areas of expertise and different ways of thinking come together and share their skills and insights.

Explore Nottingham’s Coworking Space for Independants

Wait a minute or two for this 3-D model to load, and you can rotate and explore MinorOak remotely. This is MinorOak in the near future; not all the plants and cabinets shown have been installed upstairs yet, and of course, not every detail is exact.

Why Coworking?