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People are always asking me about parking, because driving and parking in the city centre can be nerve-wracking. Traffic… one way streets… bus lanes… indecision about where to leave the car… yeah.

So I wrote a post about parking near MinorOak Coworking, and it’s fairly convenient. BUT, I’d urge you to consider taking public transport instead, if possible. Why?

1. Taking public transport to MinorOak Coworking is (usually) cheaper than driving

I take the bus from Sherwood and walk from the bus stop in front of House of Fraser. It’s a pleasant bus ride, and it costs less than £3 per day with a monthly pass. There’s no wear and tear on my car and I don’t need to pay for petrol.

2. Taking public transport is healthier than driving

When you take public transport, you also walk. My walk to and from the bus stop makes me feel healthier – and also less guilty about not going to a gym regularly. I opt for comfortable shoes for the commute and keep nicer ones at the space, and you can too if you want. If you can bicycle in, that’s even better!

3. Taking public transport is less stressful than driving

Driving, especially during rush hour, is stressful. When you take the bus, tram or train, you can kick back and let someone else drive. You can get work done on your phone, or you can just stare out the window and enjoy being out and about.

4. Taking public transport is more environmentally sustainable than driving

Everyone knows that it’s more energy efficient to use a shared ride, right? Public transport is even better. When you’re on a bus, tram or train with dozens of other people, that means less total energy use and fewer GHG emissions per person, compared with driving. You’re doing your part for the planet. Yay!

My morning commute. Nice!

5. Taking public transport helps create a better city

With fewer cars on the road, Nottingham has less traffic congestion and cleaner air. Did you know that City Council traffic reduction policies, particularly the Workplace Parking Levy, have been a wild success? Nottingham is running ahead of its emission reduction targets, there’s less traffic than there used to be, and the city centre is actually attracting more, not fewer, businesses as a result.

6. Taking public transport is more social

If you’re hotdesking at MinorOak partly so you can enjoy the company of other adult human beings, then why not be around other people on your commute, too? Nottingham public transport users are experts at queuing, polite to the drivers, and generally a pretty nice group of people. Plus, it’s fun listening to their conversations.

7. It’s nice to walk through the city centre

One of the best things about working at MinorOak is being right on the eastern edge of the Nottingham City Centre. Cross Lower Parliament Street, and you’re in Hockley. Walk for ten minutes, and you’re in the Market Square or at the Victoria Centre. You can check for interesting new shops, look at the window displays, keep an eye out for good pubs and restaurants, and you may even run into someone you know. It makes you feel connected and part of the city. If you take public transport, you’ll get a nice walk through the city centre in the morning and the evening every time you come in.

8. You can go out for a drink after (co)work

Nobody feels good about driving after they’ve had a drink, and after two, it may be illegal. Take the bus, train or tram and you can go out to the pub or for a meal without worrying about whether or not you should be driving home. You can even go out at short notice when driving is not a concern.


There’s nothing wrong with driving to MinorOak, but there are so many good reasons to take public transport instead! When you come to the city centre to hotdesk at MinorOak Coworking, get the full experience. Take the bus, train or tram.

To find out more about working at MinorOak, check out the Rates page.

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