New Basic Membership Level

MinorOak Coworking is introducing a new basic membership level. It allows two full days — 16 business hours — at MinorOak, including up to two hours of meeting room time, a £30 value on its own!  Used with the monthly free Open Coworking Day, this makes it possible to come in for a day most weeks (or four half-days, or any other use of the hours) and contribute to the community at a low cost. You’ll enjoy all the usual perks, like half price day passes for guests (2/month) and free drinks at events, too.

Minor Oak’s Open Coworking Days are popular, and many people who use them have told us they’d like to become members but need a lower cost option. Coworking is especially valuable at exactly those times when budgets are tight, and this is especially true for those who are just starting out in business or who are actively looking for new clients to fill a gap in their workload. Coworking can help independents in many ways, with:

  • Opportunities for business networking
  • Coworker referrals
  • Marketing support on social media
  • Advice and help from coworkers
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Better work/life balance
  • A more physically active lifestyle…

Coworking can be incredibly useful, and now coworking at MinorOak is more affordable than ever. If you’re interested in joining MinorOak, then just fill out the Membership Inquiry Form, and I’ll get back to you within one business day to arrange a tour and a free day. Or you can even push this handy button:

About MinorOak Coworking

MinorOak Coworking was designed by Dee Miller, and she is the owner/operator. MinorOak is a local, independent, self-funded business. It provides collaborative and quiet work areas, large monitors, phone pods, a meeting room, and a kitchenette with free coffee, tea and snacks. Details on the MinorOak’s membership levels can be found on the Coworking Rates page.

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