So, you’re working on your own or with a small group of people and you’re looking for a coworking space or a shared office to call home. (Well, actually, to call ‘work’.) With the jumble of business centres, managed offices, work hubs, coworking spaces and start-up accelerators in most cities, […]

Looking for a Workspace? Ask Yourself This First.

If you work independently, then you get to choose your workplace. If you’ve spent time doing the work-from-home thing, you may have discovered that your house is not the Palace of Productivity you had hoped. For many of us, home is full of distractions: chores, pets, children, hobbies…. It can […]

Seven Reasons to Join a Coworking Space

Coworking has existed in its present form for more than ten years, and big commercial property companies have heard of it. They think it sounds like a great idea, not because it brings together independent workers into diverse and vibrant communities, but because superficially, it looks like a high profit model […]

What makes it a Coworking Space?