A 3D model you can play with

Everyone who has been in during the past couple weeks has probably noticed I’ve been playing with my 3D Sketchup model of MinorOak again.

The original coworking space design

I developed the design for MinorOak in two weeks back in 2016 using PowerCADD for 2D and SketchUp for 3D. I designed the recent changes to the plans in 2D only, because I wanted pre-approval from Building Control and 2D drawings are what you usually submit to the building department when you need to verify compliance with the building regulations.

But Sketchup was calling again. When I decided to make some enhancements to the loft, I wanted to see them in 3D before committing.

The 2018 coworking space design

First, I updated the model to reflect the new wheelchair accessible washroom and some of the other changes that have already been made to MinorOak. Then, I pushed things into the future a little, adding the other changes I want to make within the next couple of months.

You can view and manipulate this model yourself if you wait a minute or two for it to load.

There are stills of the original design model here, on an old blog post called This is the Plan.

What do you think?

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