NEW: Project Blitz!

Earlier this year, I had an idea for a new membership package: something short-term and intense, for people who need to nail down a project and who would benefit from a serene and productive workspace where they can just Get. It. Done.

Project Blitz has been sitting on MinorOak’s Rates Page for a couple months now, and even without any attempt to market it, uptake has been good! So many people can benefit from a temporary working space: entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, students and even employees. This post will officially introduce Project Blitz so we can start properly spreading the word.

Introducing MinorOak’s Project Blitz! £60 per week – one-week minimum – gets you-

  • A dedicated desk in the quiet work area upstairs
  • A lockable two-drawer pedestal
  • Unlimited time, including optional 24-7 access by key (with two forms of ID, proof of address)
  • Up to eight hours of meeting room use
  • All the other benefits of membership: wifi, phone pods, refreshments, printing, etc.

Of course, day passes and hotdesks are always available for people who need a workspace for less than a week.

Need a Temporary Office in Nottingham?

  • You work from home, you’ve just moved and your wifi isn’t working yet.
  • You’re visiting Nottingham and need a temporary professional workspace for a week or more.

Those were MinorOak’s first two Project Blitz clients. Are you in one of those situations? If so, you might want to fill out a membership form.

Escape from Distractions

MinorOak’s beautiful loft, full of greenery and natural light, is the perfect place to concentrate. It’s our designated quiet work area, and it’s where your Project Blitz desk will be located. If your workspace is chaotic and full of distractions, our loft is the perfect getaway. Use it if:

  • You work from home, but your kids are on holiday or you have visitors and you’re not getting anything done.
  • You’re between consulting projects and want to concentrate on capacity building, but working from home isn’t cutting it.
  • You’re a student and your home and the university spaces are too noisy, too crowded, too distracting, or don’t have everything you need to get things done.
  • You have a big project and a tight deadline, and you need a place to concentrate.

(The last bullet point was our third Project Blitz client.)

If you’re having trouble focusing and getting things done, you might want to fill out a membership form.

Smash Through Procrastination

Use MinorOak’s Project Blitz if:

  • You’ve been procrastinating on a project and need to take control NOW.

Sometimes, you just need to get away to get things done. A new, dedicated space can make it easier for you to compartmentalise and focus on your project. With 24/7 access to MinorOak, you can work whatever hours you need to, pretty much without interruption. If you’re having trouble concentrating in your regular office, be it at home or onsite with your coworkers, then the MinorOak Project Blitz might be just what you need to refocus and get the work done on deadline.

Of course, university students and faculty are WELCOME. Use MinorOak to escape from distractions and finish that paper. Enjoy our fast, dependable wifi, printing and refreshments – all included. Why not fill out a membership form?

Project Blitz for Companies

Project blitz isn’t just for self-employed people, remote workers, and visitors. It can benefit Nottingham companies and their on-site employees, too. For example, if:

  • Your company workspace is overcrowded and you need a place to accommodate a few people temporarily.
  • Your company is moving office and you need a place for a few employees to work while things get sorted out.
  • Your employees need an occasional change of scene
  • You’d like to gather a multi-company, project-based workgroup, but nobody has the office space to accommodate it, or you’d like to do it somewhere neutral.

Call on 0115 860 0051 and ask for Dee if you’re a local company looking for temporary desks or a group workspace. MinorOak seats 26 people, maximum, with 14 hotdesks downstairs and up to 12 hotdesks upstairs, so you’ll need to call and ask how busy we are and how many extra people we can accomodate.

Project Blitz Summary:

£60/week, no VAT


  • Unlimited time, including optional 24-7 access by key (with two forms of ID, proof of address)
  • Dedicated upstairs (quiet work area) desk
  • Lockable two-drawer pedestal
  • Fast wifi
  • Use of the meeting room with at least two people present: 8 hours/week maximum
  • Use of A/V pods for phone calls, webinars, video recording and remote meetings
  • Use of large monitors, mice, and other equipment
  • Coffee, tea, snacks and use of the kitchenette
  • 50% discount on day passes for guests who are working while you are there

To jump-start your project blitz, please fill out a MinorOak membership form – I’ll be in touch within one working day (usually sooner).


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