Ink it Over Exhibition Opening Party

May 10, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
4 Gedling Street
Sneinton Market Unit 6
Dee Miller
Ink it Over Exhibition Opening Party @ MinorOak
On Friday 10 May, MinorOak welcomes its new artists in residence: Sarah Holden, Clare Morgan, and Sarah Roach, printmakers and Clef Skyers-Aakerstrom, fabric designer.
Sarah Roach:
Sarah’s beautiful minimalist works capture the subtle forms of nature alongside the seemingly accidental beauty of the mediums being used to capture them, marks and lines appear and disappear with monochromatic elegance. A sweeping beauty, often showing the flow and movement of the form as if in the wild… but removed from the chaos and celebrated for its own elegant beauty, frozen in time.
Clare Morgan:
Clare Morgan is a Derby based printmaker, creating work that celebrates the tenacity and vibrancy of the human spirit while reflecting on our vulnerability, shining a light on the illusion of control. Deeply interested in being present and living with curiosity Clare seeks to create images that act as a reminder of our humanity, finding beauty and opportunity in our vulnerabilities and the strength that can grow out of our challenges as we move forward from moment to moment.
Moving figures are often combined with bright colours such as violet, greens, yellows, and light blues to symbolise reflection, energy, growth, health, healing, strength and creativity.
Sarah Holden:
Graphic line, intricate pattern and vibrant pops of colour emerge from the canvas to give energy and an abundance of character to the subjects of Sarah Holden’s recent artwork. These pieces are a celebration of musical talent, the expressions inviting you into the narrative… looking forward to seeing these pieces up in the exhibition.
Clef Skyers-Aakerstrom:
The work of Clef Skyers-Aakerstrom is full of contrasts, the urban and natural world come together to form a rich tapestry of pattern, texture and colour. A reflective dance through the changing seasons, her journey into textile design has become a way for Clef to express herself and inspire others following a vehicle accident where she sustained severe neurological damage in 2006. Clef’s work is elegant, beautiful and demonstrates a high level of passion and craftsmanship. We we are delighted to be working with her for ink it over.
Stop by to meet the artists, see their work on the gallery wall, hang out with a great bunch of people, and enjoy complimentary cocktails and snacks.

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