COVID-19 Policy

Last updated: 7 April 2020.

MinorOak’s COVID-19 policy is in line with NHS and UK government recommendations and may be updated if they change.

If you use MinaorOak as your business address…

Please get in touch if you need your mail, and we will arrange a drop-off or forward the mail through the post. If a group of letters arrive that appear to be vital, for example, letters with information about small business relief, we will do our best to get them to everyone as quickly as possible.

Real-world MinorOak is closed to everyone but keyholders. All events have been cancelled or moved online. Dee will occasionally be working from the building to help keep it and Sneinton Market secure during the crisis. But good news – now you can work from MinorOak even if you’re working from home!

Introducing Virtual MinorOak

MinorOak now has a presence on Whereby. We’ll be scheduling get-together times and free workshops. Follow these links or the links that are now prominently displayed on the front page of the website to join the spaces. I’ll get a schedule of events for the virtual spaces online today.

We also have a Slack channel and a Facebook group.

Facebook: MinorOak Members and Regulars Group

MinorOak’s Slack Workspace

See you online!

Kind Regards,
Dee Miller
owner, MinorOak Coworking