COVID-19 Policy

Last updated: 5 January 2020.

This is subject to change based on changing circumstances or changing government or NHS advice.

MinorOak is closed to the public. Details below.

Business addresses…

There’s complimentary mail forwarding for everyone who was a member or virtual office client on 1 January 2021. Please use the contact form or e-mail Dee to request that your mail be forwarded.


Until Nottingham is back down to Tier 4 or the equivalent, coworking is key holders only. From Wednesday 6 January to the end of the present lockdown, MinorOak will not be staffed full-time and is not open to the public.

If you are a member and would like to suspend or downgrade your membership until we reopen, please contact Dee by e-mail or through the contact form.

Meetings and Events

Please get in contact with Dee if you have a meeting which must be held in person. For example, we can open the front room or meeting room to charities who work with vulnerable people without access to video meeting tech.

Virtual MinorOak

The Whereby rooms now have their own site at Please join us at Virtual MinorOak for social coworking-from-home in the virtual front room. Members can also schedule meeting room use through our online booking system

Please see our Facebook page events list or the front page of this web site for details.

We also have a Slack channel and a Facebook group.

Facebook: MinorOak Members and Regulars Group

MinorOak’s Slack Workspace

See you soon!

Kind Regards,
Dee Miller
owner, MinorOak Coworking