COVID-19 Policy

Last updated: 11 March 2022.

This is subject to change based on changing circumstances or changing government or NHS advice.

We’re at ‘New Normal’

Business Mailboxes / Virtual Office

Mail pickup on Mondays and Thursdays is happening as usual. We are also accepting new mail pick-up clients.


MinorOak has 22 desks open with a minimum spacing of 1.2m on centre between chairs. Please book through Habu if you’re already on the system, or by sending the date(s), times and preference for upstairs or downstairs via the contact form.

Masks are now entirely voluntary.

Here’s our latest risk assessment.

Meetings and Events

The meeting room is open for meetings of up to six people. It can also be used for recording online courses, etc. We’ve made some improvements to it during the past year, including to the acoustics.

We’re doing markets again in 2022 as part of Pitch. Please see the market page for details.

We’ll also be offering the front room for Saturday and Sunday workshops again starting this summer. There’s a £25 booking fee that’s normally nonrefundable, but I will refund it if the workshop can’t go ahead because of pandemic issues.

Virtual MinorOak

The Whereby rooms now have their own site at Members can schedule meeting room and front room use through our online booking system.

We also have a Slack channel and a Facebook group.

Facebook: MinorOak Members and Regulars Group

MinorOak’s Slack Workspace

See you soon!

Kind Regards,
Dee Miller
owner, MinorOak Coworking