Workshop: Develop/Practice Your Tagline & Elevator Pitch

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About the Workshop

Are you promoting your business or services? Tune up your tagline and elevator (one-minute) pitch so you’re ready to explain what you do quickly, clearly and with confidence. Be better prepared for networking events, industry events, introductory meetings… even job interviews!
I’m Dee, and I’m leading the workshop. To be honest, pitching is not something I’ve always been comfortable with; I don’t love sales. But I’ve found that listening comes first and nothing happens without an authentic connection. The right pitch can plant a seed that blooms into a win-win business relationship.
If you come to the workshop, you can develop and practice your pitches on the same day.

Sign up for this workshop if you need to

  • Explain what you do
  • Promote yourself and your work
  • Bring in more clients or customers
  • Attract investors
  • Communicate with the press

This Workshop Includes

  • A 2-hour workshop limited to six participants
  • A half-day pass for MinorOak Coworking (£8 value)
  • Coffee, tea and snacks

You can use the half-day pass on the day to work on your pitch with the other participants and instructor on hand for help and feedback – or save it and use it any time in the following month.

10:30am to 1:00pm: Meeting room workshop limited to six participants

1:00pm to 2:00pm Lunch hour: bring food or eat locally

2:00pm to 6:00pm Use your half-day pass and stay to finish your first project. (optional)

Workshop Topics

  1. Taglines and elevator pitches: what they are and what they’re for.
  2. Using statistics to support your pitch
  3. Connect: choose the right approach for the situation
  4. Structure your pitch. Plan, then improvise.
  5. Pitch development with group feedback

About the Instructor

Dee received cutting-edge pitch training as part of the flagship Entrepreneurial Spark program in Glasgow, which she completed in 2014. She was recently featured on the BBC Nottingham Afternoon Show and in the Nottingham Post. She also holds a Certificate of Excellence in Adult Education from Seneca College, Ontario.

Praise for New Business Intelligence Workshops

The workshop was fabulous. The facilities are great, your presentation covered all the bases and I came away with access to other really useful resources. The opportunity to put it all into practice in a shared work environment was icing on the cake.

—Pat Fletcher


Thanks to @MinorOak for a super pitch workshop on Friday. Great facilitation and collaboration, together we came up with some great work.

— Chris Middleton


I found the presentation very informative and useful and really enjoyed spending the afternoon working on my project. I had a really productive afternoon and got a lot more done than I would have if I was working at home.

—Helen Shere