Pop-Up Dining Room: Light Disciples & Cocktail Lab

June 7, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
4 Gedling Street
Sneinton Market Unit 6, Nottingham, UK
£4 in advance, £5 at the door
Dee Miller

£4 Ticket = Cocktail + Reservation (£5-£7 at the door)

Your cocktail ticket(s) will be reserved under the name and for the time you indicate below.  You can choose how many £4 cocktails you want once you click the “Pay Now” button. Payments are handled by Paypal. If some of the people in your party would prefer other types of drinks, please indicate the total number of people in the ‘reservation: name and time’ field and the no-cocktail people can pay for their drinks at the door.

Reservation: Name and Time

You can bring food in – probably from the food trucks on the square, but your own food is okay too. All cocktails and mocktails will be vegan-friendly. MinorOak will be set up as a restaurant dining room: a comfy place to sit and eat with drinks and live music.

Sneinton Market Fridays: the first Friday of every month during the warmer months, and the next one is coming up fast. These are great events with a fabulous vibe!

There will be food trucks and market stalls on the square, but limited seating – and not very comfy. Earlier this summer, I found myself deciding against getting dinner from a food truck because I wanted to sit down and have a nice, pleasant, chatty dinner – not be stuck standing in the square, trying to juggle take-out containers, cutlery and a drink.

Here’s the solution: MinorOak is trying something new for Sneinton Market Fridays this year – we’re a pop-up dining room. Our front room will be set up like a pop-up restaurant, and…

– MinorOak’s Cocktail Lab was a hit on Light Night, and we’re bringing it back!

– The Light Disciples have a chilled sound that’s perfect for a Friday night in Sneinton Market. They’ll be providing live music at MinorOak!

Buy cocktails in advance for £4 (£5 to £7 value). Buy multiple advance cocktails and send me a message (Dee: dee@minoroak.com), and I can reserve a table for you if you let me know your preferred time and number of people.

Cheers, and meet you at the MinorOak!

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