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Dee Miller
I'm Minor Oak's owner/operator. I have degrees in architecture and civil engineering and was a licensed engineer in Ontario. I worked in building design, evaluation, and regulation in the US and Canada before moving to the UK in 2010. Currently, I'm a freelance building designer, course designer and writer.
Isi Dixon
Business Blogging Expert
I have a passion for helping small business owners come to grips with their content marketing and online marketing technology. My background is in marketing and adult education and I’m enjoying using a combination of both in my role.
Victoria McDonagh
Content Marketing Consultant
I am a Content Marketing Consultant and combine my love of writing with my passion for digital marketing. I provide a range of content focused services for clients from blog writing to email marketing.
Joe Hendley
Team Development Consultant
Utilising Lumina Learning's Spark tool, I build portraits of people's personalities that explore their communication and behavioural preferences. This can be used for self-knowledge or as a foundation to help individuals and teams develop their sales and/or leadership roles.
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Mark Hillary
I am a Project Manager and Teacher specialising in change management in Social Housing. I started my own business in 2010 to carry out service reviews, training and interim management. I use lean six sigma techniques to improve customer experience. I teach Social Housing and work with Apprentices and NVQ candidates. This summer, I am trekking across Iceland for Shelter to raise funds for the homeless (click below to find out more).
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