Walking to MinorOak?

Most MinorOak members walk at least part way to our coworking space, coming from nearby neighbourhoods, bus stops, tram stops and the train station.

MinorOak is in NG1, but not everyone is familiar with Sneinton Market and how to get here on foot. It’s no wonder; decades ago, Sneinton Market was a thriving sellers’ market, but it’s been at least semi-dormant for close to twenty years. If you’re not sure how to get to Sneinton Market from the centre of the centre, then this post should help.

MinorOak Coworking is Just East of Hockley

We are across from and slightly north of the ice stadium – Bunker’s Hill Pub is on the other side of the street. Although we’re part of the city centre by post code and very easily accessible, many people don’t ever cross Huntingdon Street (the A60) on foot – but that’s what you have to do to find us. There’s a very convenient cross walk.


Getting to MinorOak By Tram and On Foot

Several MinorOak members take the tram to the Lace Market stop and walk from there; the walk only takes five minutes. On the map above, it’s the red path and then the last part of the green path. If you’re arriving from the train station, then the tram is the quickest, easiest way to get here. The tram is also accessible from the park and ride lots located in Forest Fields, Hucknall, Moor Bridge, the Racecourse, Wilkinson Street, Toton Lane and Clifton. Parking is free, the tram is inexpensive, and you won’t have to deal with city centre traffic or parking.

Getting to MinorOak By Bus and On Foot

I take the bus to the Victoria Centre and then walk to MinorOak every morning. Most of Nottingham’s city centre bus stops are around Old Market Square in front of the Council House, or around the Victoria Centre. Our shared office is approximately a ten minute walk from all the bus stops, and there are two ways to get here:

  1. Lower Parliament Street
  2. Through the pedestrianised area along Clumber Street, Pelham Street, Carlton Street, Goosegate and Hockley.

If you’re coming in from the west near Old Market Square, then the pedestrianised route is most direct. If you’re coming in near the Victoria Centre, then you can take either Lower Parliament or the pedestrianised route. Since I take a bus to the Victoria Centre every day, I have deep insight into those two options.

Lower Parliament Street

This route is fastest and easiest. it’s also not quite as nice. There are some neglected areas, and the roads are busy. On the plus side, it features a gentle slope downward on the way in and upward on the way out. Not at all taxing. And there’s a Wilko’s. Take this route if you’re in a hurry or need to buy deodorant.

The Pedestrianised Area

If you walk through Hockley, you’ll get a hill in each direction, first up, then down. I like to think of it as Mount Hockley. On the plus side, this route has cleaner air and more shops, restaurants and pubs. It’s lovely and full of life – just generally nicer. I usually take this route.

Walking from the Train Station

MinorOak is uphill from the train station, so the walk isn’t quite as pleasant and easy as it looks on the map. However, it’s very doable. The shortest route is shown above, but you can also walk north through the city centre and then join the route through Hockley. That’s more scenic, and you won’t have to walk along as many busy roads.


One of the best things about using hotdesks instead of working from home every day is the opportunity to be in the city centre – and the best way to experience Nottingham is by walking through it. If you don’t live downtown, then public transport is a great way to get to MinorOak, and taking public transport almost always includes a walk. Taking public transport has so many advantages. It’ll help you stay active and in touch with the city, and you can do a little shopping, meet a friend for coffee, lunch or a drink, or enjoy a meal out while you’re here.

What do you think?